IntegriDev – where Integrity drives every decision

cropped-IntegriDev-logo-final-4.jpgFor a lot of companies, corporate values are simply marketing words put on a website or in a brochure, selected solely in order to appeal to prospects. At IntegriDev, we believe what is most important is how you treat people each and every day. We do all the little things to insure that our clients are thrilled with their results and we can do all this without busting your budget. Where other technology companies measure clients through a short-term lens focusing on self-serving metrics like ‘Gross Margin”, IntegriDev views our partner relationships with an eye on the long-term and deeper elements of Satisfaction, Trust, and genuine Fondness of the relationship.

IntegriDev’s team has been creating web solutions since 2001 and has recognized expertise in Strategic Design, Development, Complex Integrations, and all aspects of Digital Commerce for both B2C and B2B companies. As such, we are well matched to meet your brand’s business and growth goals.

Our experience will give you the tools for achieving your brand and growth goals. We present strategy that comes from a team that deeply understands eCommerce, Mobile, Social, Integrations, and the effectiveness of leveraging commerce software to increase Customer Engagement that drives revenue. Our collaboration will result in a unique online experience for your customers that they will love and will enhance your brand.

Bottom line : There is not another partner like IntegriDev,  that can provide a comparable level of experience and expertise in Strategic Design, Development, Integrations, Scalability and Performance; and provide these within a reasonable budget. This combination will lead to the highest ROI and success for your project and our partnership.  We look forward to proving that to you.